Flattop Mountain Shuttle
In Anchorage, Alaska on 4th Ave between C & D

For Anchorage visitors without rental cars
who want to HIKE flattop mountain.


(includes $2 Chugach State Park per person tax.)

Service resumes May 26, 2023.

click here for live webcam shots of parking lot and mountain

Address of Trailhead is 13101 Glen alps road.
It costs between $35- $45 one way for an Uber or taxi.

Or rent a (Electric) bike from Downtown bicycle rental and bike to and from the trailhead

no deposit required/cancel anytime

In a nutshell, this is a 30-mile "low-key" circuit tour of the Anchorage bowl in a van and an unguided mountain HIKE above it.

One way with bike on back of van is $17.

8 am to 12:05.
(11:45 is ideal)
Check-in Check-in at Downtown Bike Rental, pay, sign hike release, get trail direction sheet. To bide your time before departure we suggest you take the glass elevator across the street to the top floor of the parking garage where there is a 360 degree view and you can see Flattop. Be back at bike rental no later than 12:10 or the driver will have anxiety about your whereabouts.
Another way to bide time is to walk through the free 1964 Earthquake exhibit inside the blue mall where our store is located.  We also have stretching mats available for you to limber up on before the hike.
Between 12:05 and 12:15 Depart As soon as everyone has checked in we leave so sometimes we leave as early as 12:05 which gives everyone more hiking time in the mountains.  A low-key Anchorage city tour for only $22
Between 12: 53 and 1 pm Arrive Trailhead Van arrives at Glen Alps in Chugach State Park. Elevation: 2,200 feet. Click here for live web cam shots of Flattop and the parking lot.
1:00 - 4:00 HIKING Time Van remains parked at trailhead. Driver does his own hike. Everyone meets back at van at or before 4 pm.
4:00 or before* Leave Trailhead Hiking in Anchorage, Alaska  departs taking a different return route back to make a circuit tour of the city.  If everyone is back prior to 4 we depart early.

4:30 or before

Arrive Downtown

Van arrives @ DBR. Flattop t-shirts for sale at our store. 
  • If after hiking you decide to rent a bike you'll save $2. We call this the HIKE/BIKE SPLIT.
  • If you rented a bike prior to going on the hike, you receive a $2 discount on the shuttle price. This is the BIKE/HIKE SPLIT.


Flattop is Alaska's most frequently climbed mountain

3-mile round-trip hike

Elevation gain: 1,350'

Elevation: 3,350'

Great views

A scenic, safe, affordable, independent outdoor afternoon excursion. We drive you 16-miles (37 minutes) from downtown Anchorage (sea level) on the longer more scenic route through the university to the Glen Alps trailhead in Chugach State Park.  (Elevation 2,200')  Van remains parked for about 3 hours while you
HIKE  by yourself.  Click here for How to Hike Flattop direction sheet.

Great views reward each footstep.  On average it takes one hour and fifteen minutes to HIKE from the parking lot to the summit. This allows most people ample time to walk around the mountain's flat top.  It takes about 45 minutes to descend. Because there is no guide you can hike as far and as fast or as slow and as little as you like.

A slow or tired hiker can turn around wherever and whenever they want.  Fast, fit hikers can get to the top in about 40 minutes so they sometimes run up to the
second or even the third peak behind Flattop. Up there you can run along a ridge line and unlike on the Flattop trail, up there you will likely be completely alone.

Hikers must begin their descent between 2:45 and 3 pm so that they are back in the parking lot at or before 4 pm which is when the van departs.  We take a different, faster, more direct route back to downtown arriving back at 4:30. 

If you want to rent a bike and take it to Flattop on the back of our van HIKE/BIKE COMBO, you won't be on a schedule because you can ride downhill back into the city whenever you want. 

Located at:
Downtown Bicycle Rental
333 W.4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

Commercial Operating Permits
Chugach State Park.
Municipality of Anchorage Transportation Inspection Division.

$2 of the $24 fare is a tax for Chugach State Park.  The municipality requires us to pay a $712.50 Vehicle for Hire fee and obtain commercial vehicle insurance

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