Flattop Mountain Shuttle
In Anchorage, Alaska on 4th Ave between C & D

To reserve seat(s), for the day after tomorrow and beyond, submit this online form and we will email you a written confirmation.

No deposit or credit card taken to reserve.

If you're reserving for today or tomorrow text your name and the number of seats you want to:


and the driver will text back a confirmation.     

Check-in at: Downtown Bicycle Rental, 333 W 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501

Note: If you're a group of four or more staying in midtown and especially further south, it is cheaper to take an Uber or taxi to and from the trailhead and you can go and return whenever you want.  The address to the trailhead is 13101 Glen Alps Road.  

Our service is a great value for one person, a good value for two people, and a decent value for three people, but the better value for four people is to hire an Uber or taxi especially if you're staying south of downtown.
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