Flattop Mountain Shuttle
In Anchorage, Alaska on 4th Ave between C & D


Hiking to Flattop's "broad summit has long been the classic afternoon hike near Anchorage." 55 Ways to the Wilderness in Southcentral Alaska.

Explain how to hike flattop Anchorage, Alaska

Driver explains how to hike Flattop in the parking lot. You will also receive a handout explaining the hike so that there's no doubt where to go and when to return.

Click here for the handout/directions on how to hike Flattop.

Overlook Trail - Flattop Anchorage, Alaska

The parking lot and the short, paved "Overlook Trail" from the north side of Flattop's Blueberry Hill Trail.

Hang Glider on flattop Anchorage, Alaska

Afternoon paragliding off Flattop is very popular.

Hang Glider on Flattop Mountain


Hikers discuss what route to take - Headwall hike flattop Anchorage, Alaska

Two hikers discuss what route to take on a section of the headwall. The rest of the hike including the loop around Blueberry Hill, and the parking lot are in the background below.

Hiking Flattop Anchorage, Alaska

Hikers pick their routes along the headwall just below Flattop's peak.

Hiking Buddy - Flattop Anchorage, Alaska

While driving to the trailhad, some make new friends in the van and then hike together. Others prefer to hike alone.

Hiking Flattop in Fall Anchorage, Alaska

Flattop in fall.